Calificadas is a social impact edtech that provides perspective, tools, and techniques that encourage women and Spanish-speaking girls to transform their opportunities and their way of communicating.

Rebranding Objectives

  • Reflect the evolution and growth of Calificadas.
  • Communicate and encapsulate the capabilities acquired by Calificadas and its ability to expand into the international market.
  • Turn the world into a better place by becoming the instrument for many more women and girls to make greater and more effective use of their voice.


As is often the case with startups that experience rapid growth during their early years, the Widergy brand remained anchored in the initial stages of the venture and did not reflect the current state of the company.

Widergy lacked proper brand development in terms of narrative, and its storytelling lacked a clear and impactful intention.

The brand was confined to recurring discourse territories, without achieving clear differentiation.


To find a deeper and more committed narrative that aligns with long-term brand building and to deploy an identity system that can encompass and project it.


We worked with the Widergy team on strategic brand definitions. We worked with the Widergy team on strategic brand definitions. The brand promise was summarized in the tagline "future for utilities".

A brand personality was defined, and a clear communication intention was established. Based on this, the visual and verbal elements of the brand's identity were created, along with their standardization in a brand book.

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