Como te ayudo

COMO TE AYUDO is a learning platform for individuals who want to take their first steps or enhance their knowledge in personal digitalization. Its purpose is to help everyone become more connected by simplifying access to new digital realms. personal. Su propósito: que todos podamos estar más conectados, simplificando el acceso a nuevos universos digitales.

Through video calls, COMO TE AYUDO's Helpers aim to help individuals overcome their fear of devices, apps, and commonly used digital tools. They strive to make the process enjoyable, while also building confidence and security.


  • Create a friendly and approachable brand that is easy to understand and quickly communicates its value proposition.
  • Maintain the codes of technology and the expertise of the digital industry, but make them accessible to an audience that struggles with digitalization.


We created a digital and modern brand that incorporates empathetic and expressive elements. Through illustrations, the brand establishes the initial tension felt by those in need of help and the relief that comes from connecting with a Helper who extends a helping hand.

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