Magoya is technology powering agribusiness. Magoya is the agtech company with expert talent in technology and agriculture, developing technological solutions for real problems within the value chain.

Rebranding Objectives

  • Highlight Magoya's connection to the agricultural and technological worlds, finding a unique space at this intersection.
  • Create a brand capable of embodying the new narrative and scaling with the company's expansion to the US and Latin America.
  • Increase the brand's attractiveness and reflect its key attributes of being proactive, motivated, and expert.


Magoya was at a very early stage in its communication. It lacked a brand strategy or positioning. Its limited elements were more associated with the technology field rather than agriculture.


Develop a brand strategy that can occupy a relevant and unique space in the industry, along with a brand system that serves as a strong and consistent platform for Magoya's growth.

Extract the foundational elements from the founding team to construct and position Magoya, uncovering its unique and distinct identity.


A brand strategy was developed that comprehensively encompasses the communication territories of Magoya's value proposition, forming an identity system that aligns with the tagline: "Tech powering agribusiness" - summarizing the union between the worlds of technology and agriculture.

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