Plenti is an intelligent financing solution that offers simple, convenient, and immediate online personal loans. 

It enables transparent transactions through cutting-edge technological platforms that ensure fast, easy, and secure operations.


  • Create an innovative, trustworthy, and 100% digital product brand for a personal loan solution that is simple, secure, and highly accessible.
  • The starting point involved creating a name, understanding how to communicate the value proposition, and developing an identity system that allows for excellent deployment in the digital ecosystem.


  • The brand strategy was worked on, defining the personality, values, and attributes of the brand. The final step of this process was defining a name and tagline for the new brand: PLENTI. Live your life.
  • The brand and its visual identity system were designed. Exploring various creative paths, the brand's graphic elements were developed: logo, characters, patterns, color palette, and brand guidelines. 
  • Once the brand system was deployed, a basic set of communication pieces was developed as references for the internal team and agencies involved in the brand launch.
  • With the brand established, collaboration was done with the technology developers behind PLENTI, providing UX and UI expertise and designing the customer experience on the platform.

Keys to Success

Collaborative work: Designing and developing a new product is a complex process involving multiple stakeholders from various disciplines. Working collaboratively, using dynamic methodologies and tools, facilitates the integration of efforts and ensures better results.

User focus: Keeping the user in mind throughout the entire journey allows for designing products, messages, and experiences that effectively connect with the target audience.

Embracing the digital realm: Digital products create new, often unexplored business opportunities. Through digital means, it is possible to open more efficient, fast, and effective channels.

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