Proteína is the strategic marketing company that interprets, accompanies, and assists organizations that aim to grow through the incorporation of best marketing practices.

In Argentina, the consulting firm is a reference in marketing strategy.

Rebranding Objectives

  • Demonstrate brand evolution without losing the characteristics that have solidified its positioning.
  • Find a unique space and perspective to communicate, shortening the distance with its audiences and more efficiently conveying its value proposition.
  • Create a brand that, when deployed, becomes an example of a well-constructed brand, showcasing Proteína's capabilities in marketing strategy development and execution.


Proteína possesses a solid conceptual foundation, but its identity system was incomplete and faced some challenges when implemented.

There was a need to establish a brand with a better resource platform that would enable the company to advance toward its new positioning goals and achieve greater impact in execution.


A new identity system was designed that elevated the original brand concept while retaining the essence of certain original definitions. The logo was simplified, and new resources were added to better reflect the company's current state and future projection.

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